Working Glass 2021 | Working Glass

Working Glass 2021

Working Glass 2021

An exhibition of artwork by Bullseye employees

Bullseye employees do a lot with glass: they melt it, roll it, sell it, package it, ship it, and teach you ways to work with it. But they also love working with it themselves, and Working Glass is proof.

This annual exhibition shows off pieces they've made after hours in the factory and in their own homes and studios.

Working Glass 2021 Award Winners


  • Bonnie Celeste, Awash
  • Jennifer Namkoong, Gradient Lamps
  • Patrick Tubbs, All work and no play make jack a dull boy #18


  • Joy Abedikichi, A Plant Collection
  • Todd Beaty, Holding it Together
  • Carla Morales, Mini Ice Cream Sandwich


  • Morgan Dougherty, Untitled
  • Kathryn Hammil, Glass Peaks
  • Skyler McCaughey, Human Sacrifice

CEO's Choice

(selected by Bullseye CEO Daniel Schwoerer)
  • Kyra Betheil, High Cultures

Working Glass Entries

To see the entries for 2021, please visit the event's Submittable Gallery.